Troy and Flint MI DUI/DWI License Restoration Attorney

Attorney Martin T. Lievois has offices located in Troy and Flint Michigan and he has over twenty years of experience in the following areas of law: License Restoration, DWI/DUI Defense and Criminal Law.

If you are in a situation that requires legal representation, it may be a stressful time in a your life. That is why Attorney Lievois believes in a “hands on” approach, and a member of his staff is always accessible to answer your questions in order to reduce worry and stress. The staff, with over thirty years of combined experience, have been selected, not only for their knowledge of the subject matter, but for their personable, understanding and friendly demeanor as well.

The following factors set the firm apart from the way many attorneys practice:

1. Free Consultations and Realistic Advice

Rather than scaring someone to death to get him or her into the office, Attorney Lievois offers realistic and insightful advice that is backed by decades of experience. He makes the process as convenient as possible through a free phone consultation, which saves you time and money. By the time you decide to come in, we are ready to start working on your case.

2. Information, Not Empty Platitudes

You have all heard these claims: “I’m tough, aggressive, and I’ll fight for your rights!” or “I’m not afraid to win!” Really? If you are a lawyer and practicing law, it seems these things would be implied.

Attorney Lievois believes that people are more interested in what is going to happen to them. They want specifics about their case. Someone on Attorney Lievois’ staff is always available to educate you on the mechanics of your case. This website and blog will also provide you with information regarding procedures and requirements, among other things.

3. No Empty Promises

Attorney Lievois believes that being upfront with the client and not overselling services is the only approach. He evaluates the case with direct participation from the client and communicates with the individual as often as needed. He also prepares his clients by telling them what to expect up front.

While Martin Lievois is a criminal defense attorney, handling matters ranging from drunk driving (DUI/DWI) to felony crimes, he devotes much of his time to representing clients in the unique area of license restoration. If your license has been suspended or revoked for any reason, you may be able to get it back. Attorney Lievois has represented clients in these types of cases for over twenty years and has had great results. He is experienced in navigating the license restoration process in a variety of situations, including drunk driving, and can get you back on the road legally.

The firm serves clients in Troy and Flint, Michigan, and the surrounding areas, in matters relating to criminal defense, DUI/DWI defense and license restoration. Contact Attorney Martin T. Lievois in Troy at (248)419-1566 or Flint at (810)250-4550 for a free telephone consultation today.

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