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If you’ve never heard some district court judge utter these profound words “driving is a privilege NOT a right”, consider yourself lucky, in light of the multitude of actions that can result in a SUSPENDED license, many people have.

Money or lack thereof is the reason most people drive on suspended licenses. They get a speeding ticket; defective equipment ticket or whatever and either forget or don’t have the money to pay their court ordered fines and costs. If the “costs of judgment” are not paid by the due date, the individual’s driver license is automatically suspended. If the “forgotten” matter was a civil infraction, then the suspension can be cleared by paying the court costs plus, of course, late fees!! If the “forgotten” matter was a misdemeanor on the other hand, a bench warrant is immediately issued – (which could result in arrest) then the forgetful person must make a court appearance to ask for the warrant to be lifted. Generally, if the person retains an attorney and voluntarily appears in court “before” being stopped and/or arrested by the police, the court is much more flexible about setting aside a bench warrant.

Probably the single most important thing a person can do when faced with a DRIVING WHILE LICENSE SUSPENDED charge is to hire a lawyer in light of the sanctions which the defendant may be exposed to – jail (up to 93 days on the first offense), driver responsibility fees, and court costs ($500.00 maximum for 1st offense). For repeat offenders, the penalties grow more severe. Of course, the fines and costs go up but also the driver is faced with additional possible sanctions such as plate confiscation and immobilization of the vehicle.

Getting the charge either dismissed or amended to a civil infraction or better yet something that doesn’t get reported to the Secretary of State is most important to the driver. Certain violations are “abstracted” (that means reported) to the Secretary of State – others are not. The list of non-abstracted violations is much shorter than ones which are reported. Your attorney must know which may be suitable alternative for your particular charge. If the attorney is able to “substitute” a non-abstractable violation for a charged violation that is; then the Secretary of State never knows about it because it is not abstracted (reported). The driver is therefore able to avoid driver responsibility fees and also the points against his/her license - but you have to have an attorney that knows how to negotiate for and get these results.

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