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Friday, September 5, 2014

Auburn Teen Convicted of DWI for the Second Time

Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime.  It becomes more serious when you are not even old enough to drink.  A Michigan teen, 18 year old Odihn M. Zielinski

, lives in Auburn with his grandmother.  He did not finish high school and has already served time in jail.  In June of 2014 he became drunk and stole his grandmother’s car after she went to sleep.  Zielinski and his passenger, a 19 year old that was also drunk, proceeded to drive around Bay City.  Zielinski was pursued by the police, fled and caused a high speed chase.  He drove over 100 miles per hour while fleeing from Michigan State Police and drove recklessly by swerving and travelling onto the other side of the road.  Eventually, he lost control of the car, hit a mailbox and crashed into an embankment.  Zielinski was then apprehended by the police, found to have a 0.24 blood alcohol content (over the Michigan legal limit of 0.08) and to be in possession of marijuana.  At this point, he admitted the vehicle was stolen and that he was drunk.

The above incident took place while Zielinski was out on bond for another drinking and driving offense. In 2013, he was convicted of driving while intoxicated and sentenced to four days in jail and probation.  He violated his probation and was then sentenced to 75 days in jail.  He was released on bond.  Two days later, he stole his grandmother’s car and drove drunk again.

The young man was charged and found guilty of driving while intoxicated, fleeing and eluding police, unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle and possession of marijuana.  The presiding judge scolded the teen during the sentencing hearing in an attempt to get him to clean up his act.  Zielinski’s defense attorney asked that he be sentenced under the Youthful Trainee Act so that he might complete his sentence without a conviction.  The judge refused and sentenced the young man as he saw fit.  The sentence included two concurrent sentences of 210 days in jail, three years of probation, over ten thousand dollars in restitution, community service, counseling and a mandate that he receive his general equivalency diploma.

Driving while intoxicated 

or under the influence of drugs can result in harsh penalties and other indirect consequences.  If you are suspected or accused of this crime, you should seek the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Call Flint, Michigan attorney, Martin Lievois, for a consultation today at 810-232-3223.

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