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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Police Officer Investigated for Shooting Felon Will Not Be Charged

Usually, civilians suspected of committing a crime and investigated by the police face the possibility of criminal charges.  Every once in a while though, the police do something questionable that warrants an investigation and has the potential to be considered criminal.  A recent Flint, Michigan case shows that police actions are not always taken at face value.

On July 16, 2014, Flint Township Police pulled over a speeding vehicle.  Three passengers, one of which was a child, accompanied the driver.  The officer gained consent to search the inside of the vehicle and backup arrived.  After requesting that the occupants exit the vehicle so the office could conduct a search, all but one of the passengers, 23 year old Dominique Charon Lewis, stepped out.  Instead of exiting the vehicle, Lewis jumped into the driver’s seat and attempted to flee the scene.  The backup officer moved in front of the car and shouted at Lewis to stop.  Lewis did not obey the direction and instead continued to drive, almost hitting the officer.  At that point, the officer pulled out his weapon and shot and killed Lewis.  At the time of the shooting, Lewis was on parole and was found to be carrying a loaded stolen handgun.

The Genesee County Prosecutor, David Leyton, is charged with investigating every police shooting that occurs within his jurisdiction.  He has said that his office will not bring the officer up on criminal charges as the shooting was justified.  Leyton’s office has decided that the officer was justified in shooting Lewis because he did so in order to stop him from fleeing and in self-defense.  

Interactions with the police do not always go as planned.  A relatively minor traffic infraction can lead to a serious situation in which one or more people are injured or killed.  If you have been involved in a traffic stop or other situation that led to criminal charges, you need the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Contact Michigan attorney Martin T. Lievois by calling him in Flint at (810)250-4550 or in Troy at (248)419-1566 for a consultation today.

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