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Thursday, December 4, 2014


As a Michigan license restoration lawyer,the satisfaction i get from seeing a client receive driving privileges after a long period of revocation is, as they say, priceless!! The thought of being able to take control of your life and operate in a normal fashion is empowering and gives one a sense that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Part of the problem from here, if there is one, centers around the lack of focus a client displays after a successful reinstatement hearing. Understandably, at the completion of a hearing that goes well, the client is so elated that he/she does not comprehend that there are many possible pitfalls lying ahead.

DAAD reinstatement's, as i have indicated in previous blogs, come with strings attached. Most notably is the interlock device the client is responsible to have installed in their vehicle. The newest versions of these devices are equipped with cameras that record who is in fact blowing into the machine. And that's just the beginning!! With all of the calibrations, rolling re-tests, start-ups that must be executed flawlessly, there are additional concerns. For instance, if for whatever reason your vehicle losses power this will be seen as a "TAMPER/CIRCUMVENT". DAAD considers this  as a major violation.

Other problems, innocent as they may be, can cause violations also. But, in reality, most violations can be explained away with the right documentation, or action, taken by the client. And, if the client understands the avenues they can take to rectify one of these problems, a lot of time, anxiety and money can be saved.

Here's where a little extra counseling goes a long way. Even though hearing officers now extoll the importance of following their guidelines for problems which may arise, the client is usually in a state of mind at the conclusion of a hearing, as  i have alluded to earlier, that they either do not comprehend, pay attention to or understand the steps they must take to rectify a violation.

Interlock violations, in the past number of years, have experienced a sharp uptick and this is due to a revamping of how violations are reported to DAAD. Regardless, with a little forethought, preparation and diligence, most of the headaches and money suck can be avoided.

My current procedure now includes follow up consultation regarding violation fixes. And, if the client is ever in doubt as to what to do they know to call the office of Martin T. Lievois immediately. Most fixes are time sensitive and, if done correctly, the petitioner can experience little or no interruption in their driving privileges.

If you have violated your interlock requirements, call me immediately....TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

The law offices of Martin T. Lievois can be reached in Troy at 248-419-1566 or in Flint at 810-250-4550.



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