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Thursday, December 11, 2014


This article is going to focus on that which needs to be done.....taking action. Do not allow your anger, frustration and uncertainty to paralyze you. Of course its a shock to realize that you cannot merely trot on down to the DMV in your new State and get a valid drivers license to better facilitate your new life.  Its reasonable to further speculate that it may be an even bigger shock to discover that you must travel back to Michigan to fix it.

Now is not the time to become a shrinking violet! 

Take action!! Initially your most important priority is to retain a lawyer who understands the license restoration/clearance practice. Many lawyers do not routinely practice in this area...but many will not reveal that to you. But, with a little bit of research, say, on the lawyers website will reveal much.

Additionally, this whole ordeal will cost a few thousand dollars and now is not the time to search out the "blue light special" lawyer. For God's sake you have only one DAAD hearing per year!! Isn't getting licensed and getting your life back on track your top priority? Get the lawyer who knows the hearing officers and what they think is important to present as proofs. Get the lawyer who has done many such hearings. Get the lawyer who does not lose hearings. I am one of those.

For many petitioners, by the time they are eligible for a hearing, they have already waited one year to become eligible, and for others less fortunate still, its been five years since their last conviction before becoming eligible.... and in my estimation of things, any longer than the moment you become able to petition is just wasted time. Really and truly a person who plans on petitioning DAAD for restoration/clearance should plan a visit to the Law Office's of Martin Lievois at least two months BEFORE your eligibility date so as to get a jump on the preparation and be ready to submit your petition by that date.

Regarding the hearing itself, that needs to be conducted in person, in Michigan. You may ask, "isn't there any other way?!!?" Technically yes. But, again, in my estimation of things, no!!

If the petitioner is serious about getting his/her clearance they must BITE THE BULLET and fly to Michigan.

When i said "technically yes" i was referring to administrative hearings that save you the trouble and expense of traveling to the State of Michigan, however, when you become aware that only one out of four of these types of hearings succeed...those are unacceptable odds when you have only one shot per year.

In person hearings are a different matter altogether. The odds are pretty much reversed, or, in other words, three out of four win. My win rate is much higher than 75%, its more like 95%. And of course the petitioner has ample advanced notice to be able to get a pretty cheap flight to Michigan. Most times the petitioner can fly back home the same day.

Call the Law Office of Martin Lievois for more details.....lets get started!!

In Troy call 248-419-1566 or in Flint at 810-250-4550.





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