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Monday, January 26, 2015


Thinking back on my first DAAD hearing in front of Mr. Olds on the seventh floor of the State building in downtown Flint nearly 25 years ago, I cringe at thinking how little I knew about what was going to transpire in the quickly approaching hearing just moments away.

How were these “hearing officers” going to act? Were they going to be in robes?  Was the hearing going to be private? Would it be a cattle call where everybody who has hearings gathers in one room and then the hearings are conducted one by one but in front of everyone else? What would be the procedure?

It’s kind of funny to say, but something no one thinks about is who says what and when; as a defense attorney, something as simple as this unknown creates stress.

Many hearings later, I can now look back at all the Hearing Officers that have come and gone, all the various hearing locations, all the rules and regulation changes and finally all the various issues that accompany the widely divergent clients over the years.

The one common denominator for every client is the urgency with which they need relief. They all need their driver’s license restored yesterday!!! The stress and anxiety clients have over this is palpable. Conversely, the relief and elation a client shows after the hearing is so very satisfying to me….it certainly makes that hour long drive back to the office most enjoyable.

So, nowadays when I meet with a new client and I hear them recount prior experiences with unsuccessful hearings and how the attorney approached the whole case is disheartening to say the least. I cannot recall all the clients that have said things like, “my other attorney didn’t have me do this”, or “the only time I saw my attorney is when we met at the hearing”.

These hearings take meticulous preparation and time must be spent with the client before the hearing. Questions and answers must be reviewed; testimonial letters must also be reviewed, and, most often revised.  And little details like map-questing the hearing location for the client and where to go sit when they get to their, are some of the details which should not be ignored. Anything that helps alleviate stress and anxiety for the client serves to ensure a smoother, glitch free hearing, and the smoother the hearing, the greater the odds for success.

As I have repeated over and over in past blog articles the client gets only one hearing per year!! By the time they come to my office for relief the client has already suffered through many hardships getting around and through day to day living. So take advantage of all my trials and tribulations, all my hearing experience, my passion for helping people and winning and the dedication to my clients needs.

When you cannot afford to gamble, when you need the best odds for getting your driver’s license restored, call the Law Offices of Martin Lievois in Troy at 248-419-1566 or in Flint at 810-250-4550.

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