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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Remember that commercial (I think they were selling insurance) where the guy is sitting at the kitchen table with a butter knife in hand while on the phone talking to his doctor. You can hear the doctor on the other end of the line saying, “now make the incision between the fourth and fifth rib…” and the guy sitting there, mouth agape, staring blankly forward says, “shouldn’t you be doing this doc?” Hilarious!!

Although the vast majority of my clientele would never dream of doing a DAAD hearing without the benefit of having an experienced attorney in this field to help guide them through the process, some will…and then they’ll hire me to fix the mess.

My first thought is, “hasn’t a one year or possibly a five year revocation been long enough?”  With only one shot per year why would anyone, that has anything going for themselves, risk another year tacked onto  a revocation period? How in the world does one accomplish the things in their busy lives without a license to drive? Do they risk it?!? Some do, but…most of those end up with driving while license revoked misdemeanors that they must face before considering a bid for reinstated driving privileges.

This dilemma poses many obstacles to getting back on the road. First, another judge must be confronted. Possible jail may ensue; judges just hate it when their orders are ignored (a revocation of driving privileges is an order, albeit from the Secretary of State, but reinforced by the courts).

Next, the esteemed prior Governor of the State of Michigan imposed what is referred to as a driver responsibility fee (tax) on various driving infractions…driving on a revoked license is one of them. This tax is levied annually for two years. Ouch!! Of course this is in addition to the attorney fees, court fines and costs, and, not least of which,  the imposition heaped upon a good friend or relative or perhaps a spouse to cart your ass around for the next year . You think this won’t test a relationship?? Think again!!

Finally, when you eventually do get in front of a DAAD hearing officer, he is the next “judge like” person you must answer to. They hate their orders being ignored even more than the district court judge you must face first. I hope the point has been made; going it alone regarding DAAD hearings is pure folly.

I have been helping people get reinstated for almost 25 years and I specialize in this area of the law. When you want the best odds possible in your favor you should be calling me. My staff and I are not only there for any and all questions you may have during the process, but we prepare you to the nines. Our work-up leaves no stone unturned; my substance abuse evaluator has been vetted and is the best I have found in nearly 25 years. She makes no mistakes, is personable, professional and accommodating. In addition, I make this phase of the preparation as convenient as possible by having the evaluation done in house. This especially accommodates my out of town clients by eliminating another address they have to find and get to. It’s a one stop event. Prep with me for a couple of hours, meet with Linda for your substance abuse evaluation, and, on your way back home stop for a ten minute, 10-panel drug screen located just minutes away from my office.

Don’t risk being denied driving privileges for any longer than the State of Michigan originally revoked you for. Call the Law Offices of Martin Lievois in Troy at 248-419-1566 or in Flint at 810-250-4550.

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