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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Of course, being sober is obviously paramount with regards to ones efforts to reacquire their drivers license', but it is also obvious. If you are not sober and try to "wing it" or, "pull the wool over the hearing officers eyes", and mine, well then that's your call. Not advisable.

But getting to the point of this article,I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the testimonial letters in preparation of a DAAD hearing. Over time my approach to license restoration hearings has evolved. Now, in-person testimony by friends, etc., instead of being the norm is now the exception; the “fewer moving parts” so to speak, the fewer chances of problems.

Without in-person testimony however, other evidence must be all that more compelling (there will be that much less testimony on the record as a whole). That is why I put so much emphasis on the testimonial letters; because they are that important.

Of course the client must be well prepared! The client meeting with myself is very necessary as well as is the substance abuse evaluation (which I have made very convenient by doing it in-house). Without a well prepared client the odds go way down for a win.

But, speaking of odds, hearing officers also realize that it may be much easier for a petitioner to lie than it would be to get five other people to lie for you. So the odds are that the hearing officer attaches just as much weight to the letters as he does the petitioner’s testimony (maybe even more).

I further emphasize to my clients to prepare the “authors” of the testimonial letters to understand that they will in all likelihood need to write two drafts of their letter. Reason being, I review and edit the first drafts. Then I return them to my client to have them re-written with my suggestions incorporated. Only after I have reviewed them for the second time and am pleased with their representation of my client, do I have them notarized and readied for submission.

Aside from my client’s physical appearance and body language displayed at the hearing and the way he/she testifies, the testimonial letters are the only glimpse into my client’s character and life the hearing officer has. Friends, relatives or whoever else that writes a testimonial letter often times lose sight of  the clients objective (or never really knew it in the first place). And in so doing write things or write about incidents that are not conducive to those objectives.

No problem!! That’s why I edit. Gone are the references to narrowly avoiding drinking at the Motley Crue concert. Or….I only held the beer bong and I didn’t inhale either!!!

By the time the letters get submitted my clients are a stone’s throw away from being anointed for sainthood. Kidding….sort of.

At any rate its good practice for the second round of letters after the passing of one year in the event we are not granted full privileges at the first hearing.

If you cannot afford to lose. If you cannot afford to wait around another year for another hearing. If you want the best odds of getting driving privileges restored – fast, then call the Law Offices of Martin Lievois in Flint at 810-250-4550 or in Troy at 248-419-1566.

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