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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Facing a DUI Arrest as a Student Athlete: What to do next….

What are the consequences of a DUI arrest that are specific to student athletes?

From coaches to players to staff members, DUI arrests within college athletic programs often make national headlines – and put arrestees’ futures in jeopardy. Most recently, the Director of Football Operations for the University of Michigan was arrested under suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Likewise, two high-profile Michigan State players – one on the basketball team and one on the football squad – were arrested for similar alleged crimes, albeit in the off-season. 

For the optimistic college ball player with a full or partial athletic scholarship, a DUI arrest can change the course of fate.  Unfortunately, an arrest alone – notwithstanding the ultimate verdict – can put a major damper on the collegiate athletic schedule, resulting in suspension or dismissal. 

Collateral effects of a DUI arrest or charge

College sports are governed by multiple layers of rules and regulations. First, there are those rules set by the coach for the governance of the team. These rules obviously vary from school to school, and even among the various teams within one institution. Then, there is the student code of conduct, which sets the expectations and punishments awaiting students who have violated the rules of the school. From there, students receiving loan money, grants, or private scholarships are held to an additional set of academic and character standards. In sum, a DUI charge can result in loss of a prominent playing position, dismissal from school, or loss of tuition funding. 

Student athletes may also face enhanced scrutiny for bringing about a negative reputation on a public or private institution, particularly if the DUI results in a conviction and major penalties. As an athlete in the prime of his or her sports career, one of the most important steps to take immediately upon facing a DUI arrest in Michigan is to contact an aggressive and savvy attorney to handle the various unique components of a DUI charge for the collegiate athlete.

To protect your reputation following arrest for a DUI, please contact Michigan criminal defense attorney Martin T. Lievois today.  He can be reached in Flint at  (810)250-4550 and in Troy at (248)419-1566.

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