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Monday, August 10, 2015

Effect of a Michigan DUI on Professional Healthcare Licensure

As a nurse, what could happen to my professional license if I received a DUI? 

For those in the healthcare field, a DUI arrest, charge, or conviction could mean more than mere fines and inconvenience. Under applicable Michigan regulations, authorities are required to report instances of DUI to the state licensing boards within a short period of time following arrest. From there, a licensee’s privilege to practice could be suspended or permanently revoked, depending on the facts surrounding the situation. Of course, if you are a medical professional facing this scenario, please do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced Michigan DUI attorney right away. 

Timeline following a DUI arrest

When a medical professional is convicted of a DUI in Michigan, law enforcement must notify the State Licensing Authority within 21 days from the date the clerk enters the conviction on the court’s record. Under MCL 333.16101 to 333.18838, this reporting mandate covers the following medical professionals: 
• Acupuncturist
• Athletic trainer
• Audiologist
• Dentist
• Dental Hygienist or Assistant
• Marriage & Family Therapist
• Massage Therapist
• Nursing Home Administrator
• Pharmacist
• Physician
• Social Worker
• Social Service Technician
• Veterinarian
• Veterinary Technician

This same statute lists the various crimes and offenses that must be reported by law enforcement if the defendant is a healthcare professional. While DUI is not explicitly listed among the dozen or so included offenses, the list does include the requirement to report any “[c]onviction of a misdemeanor that is reasonably related to or that adversely affects the license’s ability to practice in a safe and competent manner….” – which has been historically interpreted to include a conviction of DUI. 

Once the State Licensing Authority has received the information, it will issue its own determination of the best way to handle the conviction against the professional, ranging from private sanctions to permanent license revocation. 

If you are a licensed professional facing a DUI charge, do not take a chance with your livelihood. For more information about how to avoid a career-ending conviction, please contact DUI/ DWI defense attorney Martin T. Lievois today in Flint at (810) 250-4550 or in Troy at (248) 419-1566. 

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