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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


From the perspective of an attorney it is easy to forget that often times the client is basically clueless as to all aspects of a license restoration hearing.

This is true not only of the “procedural” aspect which is more obvious, but also of the “essence” of the hearing. In light of the fact that the lion’s share of my restoration petitions deal with alcohol abuse, the Hearing Officer’s main objective is to determine the petitioner’s sobriety and the likelihood that the petitioner will remain sober.

Although the petitioner, initially, must wait a period of time to become “eligible” to even be able to petition the Secretary of State and ask for privileges; this is something the petitioner has to be proactive about making happen. In other words, the mere passing of time satisfies the “elegibility” requirement, but that’s where the work starts.

And probably needless to say, that’s the easy part!!! If you have read any of my blog articles you probably know by now that a license restoration petition, or more accurately, the “preparation” for the hearing is, for the attorney and client, a proactive one. To be sure the guidance, actual preparation of the petition along with its submission and various other tasks are all on me… but.a good amount of leg work and effort is born by the client.

I think, in part, the elation and relief felt by the client at the hearings conclusion is because the payoff makes the arduous process worth it. And that is why I love this area of work so much. After 25 years of practicing law, I rarely see clients happier with a “result” as I do in this endeavor. It makes it worth it to me too.

That is why I like to separate myself from the pack so to speak by staying on top of every aspect of the procedure. Many unwitting petitioners hire attorneys who are not. My approach is to make sure the client never loses focus or goes off the reservation in preparing.

A large part of the prep is timing. As in, “we don’t have a lot of it”. From the date of the first testimonial letter we have ninety days to complete all necessary components of the proofs and have them submitted along with the petition and request for the hearing. Now I like to submit all proofs well before we approach the ninety day mark but some clients simply need more time for various reasons. Mostly, in my experience, it is the testimonial letters that causes the delay and that is because they have to be perfect. But whatever delay this causes it is worth it. Remember, we get one shot per year, so it’s worth it to do it right the first time.

For the client that is willing to “bite the bullet”, pony up the $$$ and then follow all my instructions is the client who gets his license privileges back because I refuse to lose!!!

If you are serious about getting back on the road “legally” give the law offices of Martin Lievois a call in Troy at 248-419-1566 or in Flint at 810-250-4550.

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