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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


DAAD testimonial letters are some of the most important evidence we submit for a restoration of driving privileges hearing. So why is it that so many people disdain the task??

Well, for one, maybe it is because they are doing it for someone else and not themselves? After all, how many times do we find ourselves saying, “I wish there were more hours in the day”?? We don’t even have enough time to do our own stuff let alone write a letter for someone else… Or maybe it is because they do not know what to write. Understandably people are busy with trying to keep their own lives just under a loud roar. I get it. So for my clients I’ve tried to streamline the procedure.

No, wondering what to write, I’ve taken the guess out of the task. My workup of license restoration cases includes a list of factors which must be included in every testimonial letter. I fully explain just how long the letter needs to be and the “technical” information that also must be included in each letter.

For most of the people writing these letters, I have come to realize, probably have not written a letter since they were in school. I couldn’t care less about grammar, sentence structure, punctuation or spelling. These things are not what is important to the reader (the hearing officer). In fact, I leave all imperfections in every letter so as not to make the reader think that I “sanitized” every letter.

What IS important is that each author of a letter convey with heartfelt conviction that the petitioner is in fact sober and will likely remain sober. The bullet points I provide will guide the writers as how to effectively do this and still include all required information.

As for the petitioner’s, these letters represent the single most important piece of evidence we will present to the hearing officer. They provide invaluable insight into the life of the petitioner. It allows the hearing officer to get a visual, if you will, into the daily activity of the petitioner and therefore enables the hearing officer to make a more informed decision. The more convincing the letters the better the chances of getting the relief we came there for.

For these reasons, I put a lot of emphasis on making these letters, “as good as they can be”. Almost without exception, I have “corrections” or “suggestions” that I mark on each letter requiring a “second draft” to be done by the author. This generally irritates people; sometimes it “enrages” people. But to those people I say, “consider if the shoe was on the other foot…” Everybody needs help at some point in their lives” and at this point in time this particular friend who is petitioning for license privileges, needs your help; and I do not believe that it is too far of a stretch to say, “their livelihoods depends on it”.

Don’t risk driving on a revoked license any longer….it only makes matters worse when you get caught. Call the Law Offices of Martin Lievois at 810-232-3223 for a free phone consultation and plan to get you back on the road “legally”.

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