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Monday, February 13, 2017


Anyone who has had their license revoked knows how important it is to actually have a "valid" one.

Without it, the individual is stuck "bumming rides", "catching the bus", or simply "driving dirty" so to speak. As if life isn't hard enough already. After revocation, generally speaking, you are going to be faced with a one year period in which you are not able to drive at all. NADA.

Getting your license back requires a hearing at one of the designated hearing locations (for Flint residents that location is Lansing). In addition to the difficulty of getting to the hearing location, petitioners must participate in the preparation of their petition. They must submit to a substance abuse evaluation, take a drug screen, submit testimonial letters and develop a plan of action for giving live testimony.

So as you can see this is not some situation whereby you merely pay some attorney to prepare everything and then your license magically appears in the mail or some other similar fantasy scenario.

Moreover, regardless of what anyone might have told you about conducting the hearing via video, this type of hearing, while allowed, has such low success rates that I do not even consider them.

So, live, in person hearings, is the only way to go and my success rate at DAAD in person hearings held in Lansing Michigan reinforces this fact.

Having said this, it's likely you have an idea of what's involved and the degree of preparation needed for a successful outcome.

As a Flint license restoration lawyer, I have encountered, on more than one occasion, hearing officers who like to have those "gotcha" moments, and will, in the middle of a hearing, open up my clients 'Facebook" page and peruse it for evidence of "partying".

Needless to say, any evidence that looks suspicious spells trouble for the client.

This is perfectly legal for the hearing officer to do and it has torpedoed more than one petitioner in the past.

Many license restoration attorneys, whether in Flint or elsewhere, fall prey to this and other tricks of the trade because they do not regularly practice this area of law.

Do YOU want to wait a full year to go through the whole process again?? Only this time in addition to everything else, you will need to explain why you tried to pull one over on the hearing officer the last time.

Avoid this and many other pitfalls facing petitioners at a DAAD hearing by calling the law offices of Martin Lievois at 810-232-3223 in Flint.

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