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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Being the recipient of a drunk driving citation in Michigan can be one of the lowest points in a persons life. In addition to not feeling very good about yourself, there will be many questions you need answers to concerning your situation, how and why you got there and how you can put yourself in the best position going forward.


By calling  attorney Lievois your have put yourself in the best possible position to effectively address your Flint drunk driving charge. I have handled countless drunk driving cases in various Counties and Cities throughout Michigan.

By hiring my firm you are insured of getting the experience that 25 years of practice brings along with the care, concern and attention your case deserves.

I care about my clients and that is why when you call, I am available. Do not think that is a given!! I cannot recall all the dissatisfied clients I have had in the past who's primary complaint is that they could not get a hold of their attorneys when they had questions. This is unacceptable in my practice. Access to the attorney's in my office is paramount. When you have a concern or worry, we respond to alleviate your fears and arm you with the information you need to make intelligent decisions.


When you call our office with a drunk driving in Flint or any of the surrounding cities such as Grand Blanc, Burton, Davison, etc., I will provide a convenient and free phone consultation in order to evaluate your case. I will ask you a number of questions regarding the incident, the facts and events leading up to the incident and all of the post stop procedures engaged in by the police agency involved in the stop.

It is all important!!


Although the many questions may seem exhausting, they are necessary. The main reason, of course, is that knowledge is power, knowing what happened at all times relevant to the situation enables me to determine the direction or approach we take. Do we angle for dismissal?? Do we prepare for a trial?? Do we consider in-patient rehabilitation/counseling? The many and various approaches we consider are determined by this information.

Having all the facts and being prepared when I go to court are some of my best weapons. Some attorneys "wing it". By calling the Law Office of Martin Lievois you dodge this disaster. Do not think that does not happen! I cannot tell you how many dissatisfied clients that have come to me with the chief complaint of not being able to get a hold of their attorney.

Being available is one of my office's main priorities. There is nothing worse than not being able to get a hold of the one person who you are depending on to get you out of trouble. One of my mission goals is to alleviate stress and fear...not create it. I do this by being available. I cannot tell you how many of my clients that have my private cell number, probably too many. But all joking aside, I make myself available pretty much 24/7.


One of the primary benefits my clients receive when they retain the Law office of Martin Lievois is over 25 years of experience. Being familiar with all the Judges and prosecutors is priceless. Knowing what flies in various courts and how judges "sentence" defendants is invaluable in determining what strategy to employ. Don't be a new attorneys test case. Although a new attorney must start at the beginning, you do not. You can go to the head of the class and that is what you get when you hire my firm.

In Flint, call the Law Offices of Martin Lievois at 810-232-3223. If you would like to learn more on this topic visit our website at: DWI/DUI DEFENSE.


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