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Monday, March 6, 2017


According to a recent study, you are more likely to become a long-term opioid/painkiller user if  you are treated by a doctor who regularly prescribes those drugs.

Emergency room patients are at greater risk for long term opioid use even after just one prescription from an ER doctor who regularly prescribes these painkillers. According to the study, patients who are treated by frequent prescribers also are 30 percent more likely to develop long term use over the next year.

One out of forty-eight people newly prescribed an opioid will become a lone term user. If a person visits a high prescribing doctor his/her chances of getting an opioid prescription are three times higher.

One of the major problems here is the fact that doctors have no guidelines with which to evaluate appropriate vs. inappropriate prescriptions. Doctors go by what they feel rather than following some type of protocol.

Since 1999, overdose deaths have more than quadrupled. Six out of every ten deaths are from opioids. Over 90 people die every day from either prescription opioids or heroin.

Not surprisingly, prescriptions for opioids have more than quadrupled since 1999 even though there has been no increase in the levels of pain experienced by Americans.

Clearly we are living up to our moniker of "medication nation". Americans are being prescribed powerful painkillers at an alarming rate for conditions not rising to the level of these types of dangerous drugs.

Of course, the unintended result is a spike in the illegal heroin market. After the prescribing doctor decides that the patient no longer needs the opioid prescription, often times this is contradictory to what the patients body is communicating. After a prolonged time of taking these medications the body develops dependency issues that often times turns the patient to crime in order to satisfy the need for opioids.

Eventually, good intention-ed people end up committing crimes such as "delivery of a controlled substance", "possession of Heroin" or they get caught committing crimes that are more tangential but are related to drug dependency in the sense that they are committed in order to fund the illegal drug activity. These crimes fit in the category of crimes dealing with theft, such as, "home invasion", "retail fraud", etc.

A seasoned attorney, for instance, The Law Offices of Martin Lievois, knows their are a number of avenues to explore that would result in no criminal record. This type of result is so very important to the individual who has goals and plans for the future. Any type of conviction listed above would be like an albatross around the persons neck. Prospective employers look for more "qualified" employees. People they do not have to worry about stealing from them and so on.

For those who do not intend on living a life of crime, preserving ones criminal record is of primary importance.

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