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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


As a Michigan license restoration lawyer, I cannot tell you the frequency with which I am told by some poor soul, "You know, my last attorney only met me at the hearing!"

This cannot make anybody comfortable, let alone feeling prepared!!

I believe that this is not fair to the client. By the time my clients meet me at the hearing location, we are very well acquainted. We will have met a number of times in the preparation phase, and the petitioner will have a fairly good understanding of how the hearing will be conducted. And, even with as much prep as I conduct with my clients, there is still some unavoidable stress that is felt by the petitioner. This "stress" is the enemy. It makes people draw blanks. It makes them say things that are unanticipated. It makes them forget things which need to be said.

So,my approach to preparing my clients entails an appropriate amount of time with which to introduce the petitioner to the procedure and how the questioning will most likely go. Of course this all takes time and some attorneys delegate this duty to some secretary or other office personnel. Or it just doesn't happen at all. After all, time is money!

Attorneys rarely do a thorough job when they feel they are giving a cut rate or worse, if they feel that they have undercharged the client. Never look for the "blue light special" when searching for a Flint license restoration lawyer

If, as a petitioner, you do not know your lawyer when he walks into the building....there's a problem. Sure, you may win your appeal, but there is a much greater chance that you will not without adequate preparation. With only one appeal per year the petitioner should give it his/her best shot!!

There is no better feeling as a petitioner than going into your hearing knowing the personality of your DAAD hearing officer and better yet, what questions they will ask you.

After 26 years of conducting DAAD license restoration hearings, the great benefit to my clients is that I am familiar with nearly all the hearing officers in the vicinity which I practice in. Can a new attorney say that?? No!! Does a new attorney know anything about the hearing if he has not done one? Will they tell you they have never done one before?? Again, NO!!

Do you want to risk your one shot per year on those odds?? I hope not. Many times going with the "cut rate" attorney only ensures that you will be going through the whole process again.

Often times, the best money spent is the money that gets you through it the first time and to never have to go through it again. This well spent money also includes the invaluable information "post hearing" given to the client to ensure there are no stumbles along the way. This will almost always be overlooked by the less informed attorney who is unaware of the many violations which petitioners fall prey to.

Get a seasoned attorney for your license restoration, call the Law Offices of Martin Lievois in Troy at 248-498-2525. For more information about license restoration visit our website at;




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