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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


In the world of DAAD hearings, "sobriety" is the king of all priorities, however, right below that priority (or perhaps on equal footing with sobriety) is the length of sobriety!

A not so obvious correlation exists between DAAD requirements (rules) and being on probation/parole. Many wanna be petitioners ask me why aren't they eligible to petition for a license, after all, they just served ten years in prison and have successfully completed, say, three out of four years of parole. While the individual may be proud of this accomplishment (and rightfully so), the very problem lies within this "status".

Their thinking is, "I've been in this environment (prison) where no alcohol is allowed and now i am serving out a period of parole without any violations or problems, what is the hang up??" The hang up is this; the DAAD hearing officers look at this situation a bit differently. The thinking goes something like this: While the individual is in prison there are rules governing everything the person does from the time they wake up till the time they go to sleep. Likewise, when the person is on parole, they are monitored constantly. They are still under the jurisdiction of the court. They, in essence, are still under a microscope. They have rules still, which are set by a probation/parole officer and authorized by the courts. They have curfews, programs, etc. all determined by others. If there is not strict adherence to these "obligations", well, there will be unpleasant ramifications. Sometimes violations mean going back to prison/jail or perhaps more programs that cut into your time/money, Your probation/parole could be extended.

The bottom line to all this is that the person is not operating on a day to day basis under his/her own free will. They have Big Brother looking over their shoulder. And as is always the case when on probation/parole one of the rules is that there will be no drinking/or drugs. And once again, if you are ordered not to do these things, and could face dire consequences if these directives are not obeyed, then you are not operating under your own free will.

Michigan DAAD hearing officers consider the beginning of any period of sobriety as the date when nobody or any entity is ​demanding/ordering​ the person to be sober. 

Obviously the reader now understands the concept of sobriety which the DAAD adheres to.. Many attorneys who do not regularly practice this "niche" area of the law also do not know some of the not so obvious snags which can befall the unsophisticated practitioner.

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