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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Some surprising numbers suggest we might first start by defining what we mean by "winning". Amid all the bluster you hear when you read attorney profiles and after all the promises are made, the numbers do not lie. 

Approximately 1 in every 1300 drunk driving cases that go to trial in Michigan every year are winners. These statistics do not change much year over year and suggest that trying the drunk driving case in Michigan is in the vast majority of cases....a losing proposition.

So how do we best approach a drunk driving case to achieve the best results for the client?

First and foremost is finding an attorney that will not merely sell you a bill of goods in his nice shiny conference room all while divesting you of thousands of your hard earned dollars. And, just as harmful to you is the inexperienced lawyer who is working his first few cases...learning as he goes.

After nearly 26 years of practice I am confident to say that no nuance escapes me when investigating a drunk driving stop and arrest. If there is a problem with any part of the case I will find it and we will exploit it.

This is how we "win" your case!!

Due diligence in this respect dictates that we do not cut corners. If there is a dash cam, we order the disc and review it. A court appointed might not take the time to go to a police station to get it if there is one. Police reports, witness statements, datamaster tickets, etc., must all be poured over with a fine tooth comb for weaknesses that we use to our advantage.

As important as finding a weakness in the prosecutors case is, equally as important is putting the client in the best light as possible for the judge to see. This is crucial.  This takes a little time which brings up another point. Money,

While earlier I mentioned the unscrupulous attorneys that over- sell you a bill of goods that they mostly do not deliver on, another pitfall needs to be touched on briefly. Developing a defense (or at least exploring the case to determine that there is not one) to a drunk driving charge, requires time. The basement bargain attorney is not going to invest more time than is necessary to push the case through the system never knowing if there is opportunity to capitalize on. Newsflash!! Police do make mistakes; and often enough to make it worthwhile to take a close look at everything.

So there is a balance between the attorney who would like to divorce you from your money and the attorney who likes to win for their clients and knows the true meaning of winning.

The Law Offices of Martin Lievois charge a reasonable and competitive price for drunk driving cases in Michigan. I meet with my clients numerous times during the progression of the cases through the courts docket. You most certainly "get what you pay for" and through our painstaking process of evaluating your drunk driving charge, if there is a flaw we will find it.

If the case has weaknesses we work on the prosecutor so as not to leave the matter in the lap of a judge or jury.

Whatever is in the best interest of our client is our mission statement and implementing "our" definition of winning is usually in our clients best interests.

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