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Indiana Supreme Court Takes Michigan City Eavesdropping Case
An interesting case has made its way to the Indiana Supreme Court. It involves police officers inadvertently overhearing a conversation in which a defendant, accused of homicide, believed he was in private communication with his attorney and answered a question about the weapon used in the alleged crime.

Operating a Boat Under the Influence
A man was arrested for operating a boat under the influence on Lake Orion. The police on the scene discovered that the man had a blood alcohol level of .25 (three times the legal limit while driving a boat). The suspect has been arrested on four previous occasions for driving a car under the influence; this is his first boat offense under the Marine Safety Act.

Drug House the State's First to be 'Padlocked' Under New Law
Under the new "padlock law" a home in Ypsilanti Township will be sealed after it was raided two times for drug related crimes.

Study Reveals That Alcohol Interlock Systems Are Effective in Preventing Repeat DUI Offenses
In 2011, as part of a pilot program, Michigan judges started ordering the use of alcohol interlock systems in the vehicles of those convicted of multiple DUI offenses. This spring, the results of the pilot study were released at the Michigan Supreme Court in Lansing. The study found that those drivers with the interlock systems were three times less likely than repeat offenders without the device to drive under the influence within three years of their conviction.

Michigan's "Super Drunk Law" Allegedly Violated
An off-duty police officer has been charged with operating with a high blood alcohol content after his personal vehicle crashed and he was found to be at three times the legal limit.

Study Reveals Benefit of Equipping Cars With Sobriety Screening Devices
A Michigan doctor was the lead author of a recent study that showed alcohol ignition interlocks could prevent 85 percent of alcohol-related deaths if they were installed in all new cars.

Statewide Crackdown on Drunken Driving
Federally-funded drunken driving patrols will be ongoing throughout 26 counties until April 7 as part of the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign.

Driver Accused of Being Drunk and Causing Head-On Collision
A car was reported to be headed eastbound in westbound lanes, but when deputies arrived, the car had already crashed. The driver was arrested; the occupants of the other car were taken to the hospital with injuries.

Michigan Boaters and Snowmobilers Could Face Stricter Blood-Alcohol Limits
Some legislators are pushing for new laws making it illegal to drive a boat or snowmobile with a blood alcohol level over 0.08.

Man Charged With DUI in June Single-Vehicle Crash that Killed 25-year-old on Saginaw's East Side
A 38 year old Michigan man, with a lengthy criminal record, has now been charged with operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license causing death and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated causing death after flipping his SUV and killing his passenger in June of 2014.

Intoxicated Woman Mistakes Jail for Bar and is Charged with DUI
A 39 year old woman drove into the parking lot of a Michigan jail allegedly under the impression that it was a bar. After officers discovered that she might be intoxicated, they gave her a breathalyzer and arrested her for driving under the influence.

Life Sentence Tossed During Re-sentencing of Flint Man Convicted of Killing as Teen
A young Michigan man may one day be released from prison after serving a 30-60 year sentence for a murder committed when he was a juvenile.

Ex-Michigan Lineman Alan Branch Cut by Buffalo Bills After DUI Arrest
Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Alan Branch has been cut from the team after he was arrested in Cheektowaga, New York for drunk driving and found to have a .14 blood alcohol content.

Michigan State Police Lead Campaign Against Drunk Drivers
Earlier this spring, with the help of grants issues by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Michigan State Police led a three-week crackdown on drunk drivers. During the campaign, 451 motorists were arrested throughout the state for drunk driving related infractions. During the three week crackdown, State Police set up posts in 26 counties and made over 14,000 traffic stops.

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