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Friday, September 19, 2014

Michigan Man Could Lose License Due to Medical Marijuana Charge

Being arrested and convicted of a crime can have consequences that you might not think are possible.  A conviction can affect your right to vote, your ability to get a job and many of the privileges you enjoy.  For example, some crimes, even ones that are not driving related, may result in the mandatory suspension of your driver’s license, as evidenced by a recent Michigan case.

Stephen Olin Lothamer is a medical marijuana user.  During an investigation by the Michigan State Police, he was found to be advertising marijuana plants on  An investigator responded to the ad claiming to be an authorized medical marijuana user and met Lothamer at his home. There, the undercover officer purchased 31 plants from Lothamer without showing any proof of his authorization to use marijuana.  After the sale, the officer returned, revealed himself and asked to search the suspect’s home.  Lothamer agreed to the search of his home and greenhouse which turned up almost 500 plants.  

Under Michigan law, a medical marijuana patient is allowed to possess 12 plants for personal use, with the rarely invoked exception that allows as many plants as are necessary for treatment.  Medical marijuana caregivers are allowed to possess 72 plants and to distribute them to patients.  In other words, there are no circumstances under which a private individual is allowed to possess more than 72 plants.  

As Lothamer and his wife are medical marijuana patients, they are each entitled to possess 12 plants.  It is unclear whether Lothamer was authorized to act as a caregiver and distribute the plants to others.  He claims that he would start the plants and then give them to others patients that were in need.  Lothamer was charged with controlled substance delivery-manufacture of marijuana and, since he would not respond at his arraignment, the judge was forced to enter a not guilty plea for him.   He is facing four years in prison, a $20,000 fine and the suspension of his driver’s license.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Auburn Teen Convicted of DWI for the Second Time

Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime.  It becomes more serious when you are not even old enough to drink.  A Michigan teen, 18 year old 
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